evelyn c lewis


The detritus of domestic life inspires me. Pulling together threads and bobbles, I weave nests that seem futile to hatch. I am fascinated with material relationships, with relationships between the corporeal and the synthetic, and with the process of making. Frustration with the restrictions of life as a woman, especially one with conservative Christian roots, drives much of my practice.

In staged performances and interventions, I examine my Mormon upbringing, highlighting conflicts between spirituality and sexuality. My body is contorted and compressed; alcoves or coiled ropes become symbolic cages. Highly detailed paintings of webs stretched over organic shapes also convey this sense of restriction, as do my sculptures of bundled or piled waste, often wrapped and shrouded.

I received my MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art and my BFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute. I exhibited at the Knockdown Center in Queens, New York, The Belskie Museum of Art and Science in Closter, New Jersey and attended The League Residency at Vyt. I’m married with two young children and a dog named Pickle.

b. provo, utah, usa
lives and works in berlin, de