b. Provo, Utah
lives and work in Sonneberg, DE

    Evelyn C. Lewis is an American Sculptor, Painter, and Performance Artist living in Sonneberg, Germany. Until recently, she lived aboard a sailboat on the Atlantic coast of The United States.
    Lewis's work evolves from postmodernism and her conservative Mormon upbringing. Videos meditate on repression and desire, and performances evoke feelings of entrapment. The artist stages interventions between her body and surroundings, turning, for example, alcoves or coiled rope into symbolic cages.
    Sculptures and paintings layer webbing over weighty forms. Found objects like broken glass or plastic bottle caps are bound together in bundles or piled. These primordial shapes are reminiscent of swallow nests, termite hills, or fishing nets. Through the prominent use of crochet, typically viewed as a woman's craft, through religious symbols, and through discarded waste, Lewis explores relationships of metamorphosis and decay and asks the question: What determines worth? Found objects emphasize this core question. For example, in her sculpture Pendulum, hundreds of ceramic figurines are packed into dozens of bags crocheted of white yarn. They hang from a single hook, their combined weight and fragility empower the previously dejected objects, and the decorative becomes vulgar.
    Evelyn received her MFA in from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2014 and her BFA from Pratt Institute in 2008. She has two young children and a husband with whom to sail.